site | Buy HQ Beats ® is a Montreal based Music Production business. With the quality of engineering, production and in-house beatmakers available, is a great place for someone who is just looking to step into the realm of songwriting and recording their next album or mixtape project. | Buy HQ Beats ® was founded in 2005 by Tah Dembele, as known as Deetah The Masterpiece, Recording Artist, Designer and Music Producer at

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Are you an Independent Artist?

What would the one important resource to catapult your career be?

Would it be a collection of digitally crafted Instagram pictures or videos that led to a multitude of follows on all the major social media platforms? Or maybe it’s an abundance of local show dates that has everyone around town buzzing? Perhaps it is a manager that is connected to all the right people.

Quite possibly coming up in the game might be all of these things. However, the components of your strategy should always consist of networking with exceptional music producers in your industry.

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TheStreets by admin - 10-30-2014
Prod by Deetahmusic Sampled type Beat / Orchestral / HipHop / Rap
Movement by admin - 10-29-2014
Featuring BlackOutSound x Ebino x Aldo Guizmo is proud to present "Movement" featuring Black Out Sound, Ebino and Aldo Guizmo. Read the story behind "Movement" [Tweet "I move like 2012 when I rap, Just like that dirty job in Irak...
SayWassup by admin - 10-29-2014
Prod by Deetahmusic Trap type Beat / Hype / Energetic / Rap
The Music Producer by admin - 10-28-2014
What does a music producer do, anyway? Most people’s stereotypical idea of the music producer is some guy hunched over a mixing desk, obsessing about compression settings, EQ's and drum sounds. It is often thought that the studio is an instrument,...
Movement (Out Oct 29) by admin - 10-27-2014
Hip Hop Meets Blues and Reggae Music with "Movement" Black Out Sounds came to us in 2013 with a vision. Given the state of the music industry  these days, the lack of non-premedited music and the absence of sounds coming from the heart, Black Out ...